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Manga Spotlight – Real Account vol 1


I loved the first volume of this brand new manga serise. Its a game of death genred manga that reminds me of a combination of Doubt and Danganronpa.

The story is that in Japan everyone is using the social media app Real Account a very much combination of Facebook and Twitter. It follows our main character Atura who with hundreds of others somehow get transported into the digital world of Real Account Zone. Here they are told they have to play games in order to survive with their life totals linked to their followers.

Its very fast paced and brutal and I found the use of social media very original. Its exciting and you and def nail bitting to see how the games are going to play out. It also has some real emotional moments especially when dealing with how people treat online idols once knowing what they look like in the real world.

Its not a nice manga some times with some vicous deaths so the violence is quite high. I loved the social commentry on social media, the use of tweeting and followers. I loved how it exposes how depents people are on social media and how people have an online personality and off line personality. It really is genius using the followers as life totals and what people will do to try and gain followers and the risks of alienating them.

All round a brutal and exciting manga with great modern ideas and social commentry.

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