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Basquash – the awesome combination of a mecha series and a sports show!!!

I absolutely love this series it was just so much fun. I do love a good mecha series but have found many that become a little too serious and pretentious. Mecha has a tendency to go a little too deep and while I love series such as Evangelion and Fafner sometimes I would like a mecha series which is a little more fun. A series where you still have amazing robot designs which wonderful movements and battle with all the destructive force you expect of a giant robot but a little less politics. Sometimes I’d like there not to be huge government conspiracies, strange spiritual and religious undertones, emotional backwards pilots and plots that are so complicated that you can’t just enjoy the beauty of a Mecha. Basquash has so much to offer, it has big, loud battling Mecha’s, but instead of an all-out global war they are the tools in a new sport. Mecha’s are used to play a hyped up version of basketball. And like all good sports shows we have intense games and driven and courageous characters. The story takes place in the world of “Earth Dash”, an alternate, futuristic version of Earth where human society split between the far more advanced lunar society and that of the planet’s surface. A popular sport is BFB (Big Foot Basketball), where players ride mecha called “Big Foot” and play basketball in a giant arena. In the city of Rolling Town, Dan JD and his companions take the sport to the streets, rename it “Basquash”, and then embark on a journey to overcome their past hardships and make their dreams come true.

After BFB took to the streets to create Basquash another company tried to monopolize this new sport creating a new league but Dan JD and his team realised this still wasn’t the Basquash they created and therefore went out to play their own true underground form of the sport. We learn much about our characters, Dan JD, who was originally banned from BFB because of the destruction he causes at their championship. He has spent a year in prison and amounted enormous debt but still he wants to play the game. He wants to make up for the fact that his sister (who was a better player than him) had her legs destroyed by a Big Foot. Now he plays because she can’t and is ever growing in strength and skill. Like all good protagonists he is stubborn, proud and brave, he doesn’t back down and he gives everything for his game with passion and enthusiasm. Joining him in his team are Sela d Miranda and Iceman Hottie. Now Iceman Hottie is a character that lives up to his name which is always good and definitely supplies us girls with eye candy, with his angsty past, his slightly split personality, his amazing game play he is near unbeatably and makes for one extremely strong Basquash player. Basquash has a great collection of characters and yes there are plenty of big breasted girls, lots of fan service but it never distracts from the series and is less obvious and in your face than an anime such as Line barrels.
The world they live in is also a good mix of future scapes and industrialization. You see the contrast between the moon world and the earth world and the different way the two civilizations live. People on the surface are trying to get to the moon, the chance of a better life. But it turns out there is more connecting these two civilisations. A great tragedy is prophesized to engulf both worlds and it’s not long before our team of Basquash players find themselves in the middle of it. There’s a bigger picture to the series than just the game they play, winning matches and proving yourself the best Basquash player. All that helps you grow and realize your full potential and that comes into play for the final battle to save the planets. The series is also well paced, a great mixture of drama, comedy, fighting spirit and real threat. It also has great music I just love the opening and ending themes for this series they fit perfectly. “nO limiT” by Eclipse is a fun song performed by our idol group characters; many a great anime has an idol or group where would Macross be without its songs. While Eclipse isn’t quite there compared to the songs of Gundam Seed or Macross there’s still that element of a song bringing hope and strength to the battle which is a theme I’ve always like. Inspiration and power through something peaceful and artistic like music. And of course where’s there’s a female singer involved there’s a romance and like many a good series a nice love triangle. In fact Basquash shares a few similarities with the Macross franchise but without the epic war aspect. The smaller aspects are similar, music, relationships, reluctant hero’s, ace pilots and just an energy and vibrancy that goes with a great made series.

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