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John Barrowman versus Terrorism

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A little catch up

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Torchwood Miracle Day – oh how Torchwood has evolved!!!


Ok so this review is long overdue but since the DVD just came out and I just came back from the Hub convention I feel inspired to write about my beloved series.

So after reviewing Children of Earth I was so torn on whether I could handle more Torchwood.
Then I did in fact watch the new series and ended up loving the first ep.–-an-early-review-because-i-can’t-help-myself-it’s-my-biggest-fandom-and-i-love-john-barrowman/


Ok so there’s no point reinstate things we know by now that in my head there are 2 torchwoods and the show has now evolved into a new animal and therefore must be taken as this. But I have to say I loved the series because it did what I love most in television and use the medium of science-fiction/horror to express a social commentary on how as a race we aren’t so heroic and that when faced with great danger it brings out the worse in a lot of us. Take falling Skies I didn’t like it because it played it safe, no grey area, no exploiting the darkness in the human heart and every character was so clichéd. This is why as sci-fi Miracle day kicks Falling Skies arse. I loved the social commentary the show of human weakness and characters that don’t fit the mould. God so much to say about how this show has evolved. But let’s start with the basic plot that no one can die and how it affects the whole world throwing the planet into a situation they have no control over.

When nobody dies, hospitals fill up, supplies run low, laws have to be re-thought and people’s religions fall apart. All these things are addressed and I was so surprised by how in depth these issues were focused on this series really brought a serious social concern to light, overpopulation and the strain on our resources. We saw that laws had to change Murder no longer exists but this can breed a whole new way to torture and kill knowing your victims won’t die. How do you cope with hospital cases, who has top priority, what about coma patients, the terminally ill, those in accidents so horrific they’ll never be the same again, what is the policy for giving out drugs, how do you control the spread of disease. So many brilliant ideas all explored and that just one area of a problem likes nobody dying. How about the prison system, those with life sentences, those on death row how do you deal with crime when the punishment can be forever. Overpopulation is no one dies what about housing, nursing homes, people are still aging what kind of long term care is there, how do we feed all these people, would the poverty line drop again and what is the financial implications of all this. Then there’s problem of religion and soul, what direction will faith go in when you live in a world without death or where you should have died and your still alive, do you have the right to still live, what are you living for and if the medical is reversed what state would you be returned to. Who would have thought a series that homage classic horror and had episodes about alien sex gas possessing people would have turned into a series that asked such harsh and intense questions.

What makes Torchwood’s evolution so amazing is while all this larger picture issues are being explored its still Torchwood; Jack will always be Jack with his larger than life personality, his heroics, his quiet vulnerability that he doesn’t show to anyone, his lust for life and desire to protect humanity no matter what it has thrown at him. Gwen has evolved the most to a person who is focused and determined she has her own problems torn between the needs of her family and the bigger picture of protecting the world. She is a wife and mother and her duty love and care lies with them, we see that if it came down to it she would even kill Jack if it meant saving her family but she also is a hero she feels that need and duty to protect those innocent and in need of help. Her and Jack’s relationship has also matured, there is a deep love and bond stronger than any bond 2 people can have, but it’s not romantic it is beyond that, it is beyond the hero worship, respect and devotion and now its 2 people that understand the path they have chosen and a shared sense of duty. They need each other; they support each other but also hate each other and the sides they bring out of each other that no one else will see. Jack make Gwen reckless inspires her to fight for her beliefs and cross a line that she doesn’t want, Gwen makes Jack question his humanity, exposes his vulnerability and pushes him to make the right choices. Gwen dislikes the fact that sometimes jack is the only person ready to cross that line to get the results and she lets him, she can’t do that last bit and the guilt she feels is visible. Gwen is ready to let Jack shoulder the guilt and responsibility and live with the consequences and I feel sometimes Jack is jealous that she still has that freedom and a place to return to, a family and a life jack will never know. Jack envies the life Gwen can have and he feels bad that he needs their connection and is ready to pull her into his world even though he knows she’d be better without that life he needs her. But when it comes to it they would kill for each other and even more importantly kill each other if it meant saving the life they have made for themselves. They are both desperate to protect their life, their purpose and their humanity and if one threatened the other they would end that person’s life.

I do love how dark this series got and it really exposed the monsters that lurked inside humanity, the depths we go to and the decisions we make when in desperate situations. We wouldn’t all come together and make nice, our governments would make harsh decisions for us and we would even know half of what was happening. The camps were a brilliant idea at first just a place to send all those that were alive but in no state of living and the even worse category 1, coma victims and terminally ill being burnt alive because there isn’t space or anything that can be done for them. It was so harsh and moving, Gwen’s struggle with her dad broke my heart. Desperate to keep him with her but knowing that he was going to die, not wanting unseen forces making the decision of when he should die but allowing the family the time to come to terms with this heart breaking situation. Who really has the right to say when someone is dead and gone, what makes governments think they can play god and that they have the right to reject the emotions and wishes of families and loved ones.
The series continues to expose man’s greed, desire and turmoil. Especially in characters like Oswald Danes, where would a death row paedophile becomes a spokesperson for the forgotten, loved by people for being able to say what everyone else is thinking? He wants to preserve his life so badly he’ll do anything but at the same time he is a dark and twisted person. He feels no remorse for what he’s done, even in his dying moments to the last breath he feels no regret for his crimes, he relishes in his twisted being and his dark path. He is a truly brilliant character ready to stand up and say that people aren’t being treated fairly in this new world, riding his publicity train to fan and using the system to ensure he continues to live and then even when he decides to die for the cause he doesn’t ask for forgiveness no he is the monster to the end.

So much great plotting and characters make up this dysfunctional and dangerous world and then we have the actual alien element. This I must say got a bit confusing; there is a shaft that runs from Buenos Aires to Shanghai that somehow affected the whole world through a field and jacks blood. So ok some of it got a bit weird, it’s all connected to a beautiful love story from jack past, a secret family organisation that took jacks blood and tried to find the secret of immortality and ended up reorganising the shape of the world. The thing that interested me was the fact that unless you saw the Christmas special of Doctor Who ‘The Runaway Bride’ you would have missed something important. Jack say’s the Doctor told him about a legend about the world being formed around the spine of a ship, which we know is the Racnoss ship. So somehow the Christmas special also ties into Miracle day but I don’t mind I like my DW references and reminders the shows are still linked.

I’m not going to go too much into the plot just go watch the series and discover all the great plotting, character developments and how far this series has come. The one thing I will talk about is Jack’s love life in this series and how people got all offended. So in one ep we get like a 1 minute sex scene where jack decides to have some fun with a barman, and why not he’s human and horny and Captain Jack Harkness, the scene is brief and at the same time Rex and Vera are having their own very strait sex scene. Why this caused controversy I have no idea one gay sex scene and one hetro, both got equal screen time both just not really explicit, both showing that the characters have these needs and feeling and that we are watching a show for adults. I hate it when people start complaining that they don’t want their children watching gay sex scenes, their children shouldn’t be watching Torchwood at all its for adult. Ever since DW we’ve known Jack in omisexual, and after three seasons and the development of his relationship with Ianto we know he’s been in gay relationships so why so shocked that he sleeps with a barman. It’s stupid that it got cut from the UK version for not having plot relevance, there are about a million shows and movies that have pointless striate sex scenes and no one complains, I for one am sick of watching those scenes they do nothing for the plot. I totally reject the whole hetro monogamous couple its boring to watch, I can be in those relationships I want to see something I can’t be a part of and relationship that is beyond me and far more interesting. Plus gay sex is hotter to watch!!! So this lead onto a very important episode which introduces Angelo, Jacks lover from the past and a relationship that put in the foundations that allowed jack to later learn to let someone in and love, there would have been no jack and Ianto if jack hadn’t had this earlier relationship. Also there would have been no Miracle if not for Angelo and how this relationship literally tore Jack apart allowing his ability to be exposed to people that want to use it for their own good. But plot aside people started complaining about the gay agenda, it was one ep with one sex scene and it detailed a beautiful and important relationship. It was another world and place where homosexuality was so much more difficult, we saw another side of jack and what was missing from his life and we saw that sometimes love isn’t enough. I am so sick of putting in a relationship just to keep strait people happy, why shouldn’t there be beautiful gay relationships, why shouldn’t I be allowed to watch 2 beautiful men fall in love and make love, we live in a modern world and therefor people should be more open with the nature of modern desire.

Well I’ve talked a lot more about the social and cultural importance of this series but it really is great and I’m waiting for my box set to arrive and watch it again.
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Top 5 Sci-Fi/Fantasy shows

So since I’m binge watching some series at the moment I thought I’d recap on some of my past fav’s and give you more insight into series and characters I’ve loved and that if you haven’t seen you really should. So I’m gonna tell you about the top 5’s I have for various shows braking them down into their genres and since Sci-Fi/Fantasy is my fav genre gonna start there.



1 – Supernatural – This is an amazing show just the perfect show for me it has all my favourite aspects of the genre. I happen to be a huge horror fan, I love all the Asian supernatural films, but I’m also very big into my western horror mythologies such as vampires and werewolves and I love shocking and violent films. As a long time x-file fan I was also very excited about a new show that Kim Manners was part of and his episodes are amazing, the show has great writing they mix the scary and the funny, the family drama with the mythology and great graphics and iconography. Supernatural pretty much had me at 2 brother fights things that go bump in the night. The slash fan in me couldn’t be happier but I never really did end up slashing Dean and Sam but I do love their relationship it’s the basis for the show, all that angst and family problems intensified buy the supernatural element. The show was scary as well some really freaky moments, and I’ll never get over that Bloody Mary episode in series one (not good with ghosts in mirrors way to Ring). Over the season the show has got darker and more disturbing really bringing all kinds of Hell reality for these brothers. The brothers themselves are hot and funny, I’m a Dean girl though he’s the hot one for me. Of course the show went from great to amazing in series 4 when they introduced the amazing Misha Collins as Castiel. Now being a fan of a lot of supernatural mythology I was still surprised that they introduced the Angels story line. I mean the brothers have been fighting demons for years but Angels was new and Castiel was one hot angel. The angels weren’t these pretty cloud sitting angels they were proper vengeful warriors of god. I love the idea of Angels questioning god and fallen angels and using Christian mythology as a negative force, love the apocalypse so supernatural for me couldn’t be more perfect. And the fact that Castiel and Dean share a “more profound bound” means the slash fan in me is very happy.


2 – The X-Files – Do I really need to talk about how great the X-files was I mean supernatural beings, aliens, mutations and all manner of unexplained things. I mean nothing was better than this show, I have watched it so many times I know it backwards plus I am a huge Scully fan. She was one of the few female characters out there that I felt was not a horrible stereotype of a woman. She was intelligent and strong both in body and mind; she thought and was rational but also had a sensitive quality a subtle femininity. The show will always be amazing for its darkness and shocks, its great iconography and effects. I cried, laughed and got freaked out and by the end was desperate for Mulder and Scully to get together. I was so obsessed with this show had all the DVDs, t-shirts, the score, books and action figures and trading cards. It was a wonderful mix of murder mystery, conspiracy theories, horror films and angst ridden character development.

3 – Stargate SG1/SGU – This must be my longest running fandom I loved the movie and since then have followed the Stargate world grow and develop. I am not a fan of Stargate Atlantis it’s the weak link in the chain but SG1 was amazing and SGU is brilliant. I love sci-fi so always followed shows like Star Trek but Stargate also had the wonderful history and mythology. My fav character was Daniel Jackson, I’m not so into military types and he always fought their morals and decisions plus he was hot and looked so much like James Spader when the series came out I was really impressed. I could have watched SG1 for more than the 10 series I loved the historical sci-fi mix, reinterpreting mythologies, science versus military and now with SGU the gritty realism and intense drama. There are some great characters and the show has really evolved into a modern wonder. Plus the effects and graphic have always been great and now look even more amazing.

4 – Doctor Who – yep I’ve watched DW from when I was a child so was very familiar with the show when it had its re-vamp. To be honest when it first came back I thought what is this crap it’s so badly made and is just weird. Then 3 eps in I was hooked I realised that under its childish look and out there plots was all a silly wonder and witty characters. There is great dialogue and I fell in love with the Doctor and his manic behaviour, his bursting enthusiasm and utter brilliance. I grew fond of Rose and love their relationship and then came Captain Jack Harkness and well he is now my hero and no one can say a bad thing about him because both he and the actor John Barrowman are perfect in my head. As the series of DW evolved so has a lot about the characters, Rose got a great but very sad storyline, Martha was introduced and I just didn’t like her, then there was Donna’s who I loved as she was the one I could relate to the most. The Doctor Himself has grown and a lot of his pain, burdens and angst have followed him so I can see why Matt Smith is trying to give him back his manic energy and childish enthusiasm. The effects have got better but always keeping that childish and fun feel and the stories get more intense and epic. It really is just fun entertain viewing for the whole family.

5 – Torchwood – When I found out Captain Jack was getting his own spin off I was the happiest girl in the world. Now I’ve review the last series on Torchwood here before so I won’t say too much in this. Torchwood really is DW for grown-ups but it is now evolving so I’m interested to see where they are taking the show. My major love for this show came from the fact it is the only sci-fi show out there that showed homosexual relationships and one of the only shows that had a leading man in a gay relationship, no stereotypes or angsty coming out stories just a man, a great man that saves the world and happens to be in a gay relationship.

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Stargate Universe – brilliant modern Sci-fi that has surrfered from the evil axe of show cancelling!!!

Now I normally wait until I’ve binged watched an entire series before I review it but after the devastating news that SyFy are dropping Stargate Universe thought I’d write about it. Now I have been a Stargate fan from the beginning, from the fantastic movie the great SG1 (my huge love for Daniel Jackson), the rather terrible Atlantis (I’m sorry it just wasn’t that great compared to SG1) and now the fantastic SGU. Stargate has been a fandom for like 16 years that nearly half my life, it is now my longest running fandom and I am distraught that they want to let it die!!!!! What are SyFy thinking axing a show only into its second series that has such a huge fan base I’m mean it’s called the bloody SyFy channel you think they want to keep one of the longest running and highly praised sci-fi series out there alive. Any way I’ll rant more latter for now if you haven’t watched SGU then this is why you should be before they take away this gem of modern science fiction.
Stargate Universe is one of best sci-fi shows out there and yes I am a long-time fan so would have jumped all over this series anyway but it really is a bit more interesting and new compared to a lot of other sci-fi shows out there. Now you take a great franchise like Stargate and you add one of my fav brit actors as the main and you have me as an instant fan. Robert Carlyle as Dr Rush is an amazing bit of casting, I’ve followed his career from Hamish Macbeth to The Full Monty to 28 weeks later he is an amazing actor and the shows creators have given his a great meaty character. Dr Rush is so grey area its unbelievable, I love these kind of characters he’s tortured genius that just about seems on the edge of a psychotic break most of the time. He is brilliant but cunning manipulative but tragic. Inside him there is so much confliction and pain and I really believe he would be happy if he was left alone. I get ahead of myself really don’t I I’m trying not to rant about the show getting axed or how much I love Rush but haven’t really said anything about the show, this is a rather backwards review so let retreat and start again.

SGU is a strange mix of Voyager and Lost with the tone and harshness of Battlestar galactica. It follows in Battlestar footsteps in taking sci-fi into the gritty harsher world where the human interactions and problems and live of your cast are a very important driving force to the series. But it goes beyond the characters and storylines you find watching something like Star Trek (which I also love) and pushes them further and to darker places. Star Trek never went this dark there wasn’t a harsh realism to the cast’s predicament like there is in SGU. I believe many a modern Battlestar fan would have been watching SGU now because of the similarities in Tone and the fact that these aren’t family sit down with your kids Sci-Fi’s. These are shows for us sci-fi fans that want something darker and realer. I for one enjoy watching the torture and slow deconstruction of people mind, body and souls (I’m a David Cronnenberg fan). I love how real SGU feels, what always made Stargate great was the fact that it wasn’t the future it wasn’t a galaxy far far away it was here and now. I love SG1 because of the re-appropriation of history and mythology. I love SGU because its real people in a situation that could be so real, we are watching a survival show with that sci-fi twist that unlike lost didn’t lose the plot kept us focused and with them. Sometimes watching the show is like watching politics or war, seeing how people battle for power, try to do what’s best, fail, survive and fight.
The main plot is while discovering the 9th Chevron a team on an alien planet are attacked by the Lucian alliance are forced through the Stargate with no idea where they’ll end up but it’s their only chance of survival. So like Lost a group of people are now stranded together on what turns out to be an ancient ship called the Destiny and Like ST:Voyager they are light-years away in another galaxy and have to try and get home. The series centres around the military personal, the civilian population and the scientists that now all have to work together not only to figure out how to survive in this situation, but who is in control, how are they going to get home and how will they fend off any unknown threats. Queue fights for control civil uprisings, military rule and general loggerheads from the top representatives of each group. To make matter worse they are indeed in dire situations, with a proper doctor, medical supplies, food and knowledge of where they are. This is a real and gritty tale of survival, the power plays of authority and the quest for knowledge. I talked about Dr Rush earlier he is a brilliant but most often than not self-serving man, he wants nothing more to explore and study destiny and although he does save the day mostly it’s because it’s helped him understand something more about the ship. It’s as if he wants to get everyone home and off Destiny so he can sit alone on her and spend his days researching. But because he is smart and cunning people think he is genuinely trying to help them and he can be very convincing, this is not to say he’s a bad guy because he does save people and puts 100% into every task he undertakes, though he may be going slightly mad as well. There are other interesting characters and very likable characters such as math geek Eli who cracked a government problem hidden in a game and got himself a free pass into the world of Stargate. There’s also those of the military which I’m less fond of because I’ve never like military types and there general ethos nor do I like the hero boy soldier types like Scot. The other great character is Camille that represents the civilian population. Not only is she a strong and confident female character, intelligent and fighting for a non-military way of doing things. She is also one of the few lesbian characters on TV that you can respect.
I have a lot of praise for the creators of SGU for having a gay character something that has never been seen in American sci-fi, us brits at least have Captain Jack Harkness. But what makes Camille so brilliant is the fact she isn’t a stereotype, she’s not there for sex appeal and a bit of fan service, she’s not clichéd and has no sad coming out story. In fact it’s not until her back story is revealed later into the first series you even know she’s gay. She a leader first, she has a job and a responsibility first it just so happens that back home she is in a long term loving lesbian relationship. Another magical and very real touch to the series. These people have their lives back home that are so separate and distant from their lives on the ship.
Of course it wouldn’t be Stargate if we didn’t also go through star gates and explore new worlds but this galaxy is so very different from what we’ve seen before and it’s based around the exploration of cultures as it is a giant fight for survival. We do get strange alien worlds and their disasters; particularly memorable was a planet with giant spiders and one with strange blue fungus and evil flower vine serpent creatures. The aliens we have started to encounter now aren’t people that have been re-populated their aliens. The designs and the graphics that have created these aliens are amazing and I can’t wait to find out more about these strange being and what they’ve done to a character called Chloe. See now you have to watch the series because you also need to know what they’ve done to her. See what are they axing the showing it was a little slow burn to start with but it had a lot to set up and now its flying. Every episode ends of a cliff hanger with me desperate to find out what’s happens next. I need to know more about destiny, about Rush and his madness (why is he seeing people), what’s up with Chloe is she turning into an alien, what’s up with the aliens and also now the Lucian Alliance are also in the picture. There is so much goodness so much plot and intrigue it’s just bloody good television and I for one and very pissed at SyFy for axing the show in its second series. I mean come on you’re the channel that should be promoting great shows like this!!! They changed the time slot from Friday night to a Tuesday and then complain about a ratings drop. Most people now are watching online or buying the box sets. The show hasn’t fully come over to England yet and you’re saying it’s just not popular enough. Why not wait until you get more figures and count sales after series 2 comes out on DVD. What about all the money you get of merchandise and conventions come on people why kill of not only something that is actually really good but also a fan favourite with a huge fan base. Well I for one have been signing the petitions and joining the campaign so as a side not to please watch this great show if you do and want it so keep going, the creators have a five years story arc planned, then please also help save my oldest fandom.

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Torchwood Children of the Earth – a critic and a fan’s review

children of earthOk I have two different opinions of this show as it really separated me as a critic and as a fan. So there will be two quite different reviews the first one as a critic that end with a bit BUT as the fan girl in me has her say.

If you take this drama on its own as a piece of event television then it’s absolutely brilliant. I was in all a great mini series and I did love it. It had a great story, it was well acted, great action, suspense and tension, and it was well paced, edited and scored. Every episode had me glued to the screen and every cliff-hanger had me wishing the next day away so I could see what happened. It was a much more mature take on the Torchwood universe with a much stronger, more developed and intense story to tell. The acting was great from all the cast and the range of emotion within it were brilliant. From the first episode that showed us how our team have grown together how there relationships have changed and evolved. It was great to see Jack and Ianto out and open about their relationship and the most amazing moment to have Ianto say, “its not men it’s just him”. This is a view I love when it comes to love, the idea that its not what sex a person is, its not about being gay or straight its just about love and Ianto was in love with Jack, jack the person he is now. It was a great big leap forward for a mainstream highly successful and publicised show to have that wonderful moment about love transcending gender issues. I am very pleased with the evolution of Gwen she has matured a lot and has truly rooted her heart, she loves Rhys and Jack is her best friend. I was surprised with some of Jacks death scenes they really found new ways to give him some of the most painful and horrific deaths, not to mention amazing makeup when bringing him back from the belly bomb, that was amazingly done. I loved seeing Jacks dark side but inner sadness being explored and then finally coming to terms with what he has to do to save the world. I though Ianto’s death scene was beautiful and so heart breaking, he loves Jack with everything he’s got and although jack didn’t say it back I think that makes sense for Jack character. However Jacks desperate please, his begging to have everything taken back so Ianto will survive, to the very last minute before his own death begging Ianto not to leave him was so powerful. How can you doubt Jacks feelings for Ianto when he himself can’t believe Ianto will leave him?


I was also pleased that we never really fully saw the 456 they where clouded in mystery which was good you don’t want to see a big Doctor Who villain you want to keep the fear going a little longer. The scene were our government sells us it was brilliant the idea that they would go to war with their own people to save them. Discussing how to achieve the 10% really addressing the issue with the seriousness and focus of government. It was well played out and although you hated them for their choices I like the fact that they really did try and think about the choices and what was best for the country in terms of continuing the human race. It was an intelligent and harsh truth and they all acted it so well. When finally the revelation about what the children were being used for came it was one of the biggest and best shocks. They didn’t go with any of the obvious like they need them to survive no the truth of the matter was so horrific in light of the sacrifices the government where going to make to get them the children. I loved the idea that the aliens were simply junkies, there was no intelligent thought behind there actions, this was not a desperate act to continue to survive they just liked the high they got off feeding off the children. The vomiting and thrashing about was all because they were on a huge come down and needed another fix and their drug of choice was earth’s children. What a brilliant and harsh topic just a wonderful plot twist. By the final episode Jack has been so crushed that he has become a cold and distant man, in that light without Ianto’s death he wouldn’t have been the cold and desperate person he needed to be to sacrifice his own grandchild. That was another great twist but it was very painful and you could see Jacks last bit of humanity as well as any love he had left for humanity and Earth die alone with his Grandson. It was a big move to kill a child and something only Jack could have done now that he has started to distance himself from humanity. Poor jack was left so hurt and broken by the end that it makes sense for him to want to escape this planet. He has lost everything after Ianto his grandson was his last link to this world and what it meant to be human, as he said himself about Gwen “I cant look at her anymore” so it make sense that he cant stay for her she has her own life and cannot offer him anything to make him stay. It was a heart breaking ending to a very well done series, and here it comes the BUT….

I am and I am very proud to be a fan girl which is why this series has confused me greatly. My head tells me I loved it but my Heart tells me I hated it. It is very strange to love and hate something at the same time but Torchwood has done just that. CoE doesn’t seem to fit so well with the rest of the Torchwood universe there’s a lot left unresolved and I think it went too far with the death and darkness and destruction of our hero’s soul. I am not sure how another series can be made after all there’s no SUV, Hub, Gwen’s having a baby (she cant really return to Torchwood with a kid at home), Ianto is dead and Jack is so destroyed he’s run away from the Earth. Does that mean an entire new cast if the show returns it wont be the same without Jack and Ianto or in fact the wonderful word of Janto. There are all these little plot holes I cant seem to fill, if the Hub is destroyed so is the rift machine so why isn’t it spitting out aliens by the truck load. Cardiff should being going crazy no the rift is unprotected and free to do as it pleases. Also how much of the Hub got destroyed, what about the archives and the morgue is it safe to assume that Gray is dead or will he wake up now that the power keeping him in status is gone and be after revenge, if not a bit confused, on Jack. What about other characters isn’t Sarah Jane still about with her super computer wouldn’t they have tried to get in touch with Jack and also Captain John Hart is still roaming about the Earth somewhere, what does he make of all this does he know Jacks left. I have two other big problems with the series and I’m saving the obvious for last. The other problem is what I always thought was the plot of Torchwood. “The 21st century is when everything changes and Torchwood is ready” um is it me or did CoE forget this. I mean for a start it wasn’t said at the beginning of any episodes so are we meant to believe this threat, the 456 are what’s responsible for changing everything. If so how come Jack didn’t know this, he keeps saying it will all change and their ready but they certainly were ready for the 456. So let’s assume Jack doesn’t know what the actual event that changes everything is, how would he know that Torchwood is ready. In fragments we get Jack coming back to the Hub after new years to dead colleges and the man responsible for there deaths telling us he’s seen what’s coming and its so horrific he kills everyone and himself. So did he see the 456, I know they were awful but really would you kill yourself because aliens are coming for your children or would you use that information to tell someone. Maybe before he died he could have said “jack you know when you gave 12 children away in 1965, well its going to come back and bite you in the arse so maybe we should try and find away to not repeat that mistake”. I mean if he knew what was going to happen maybe inform UNIT, the government, Jack and well started working on detecting their arrival or prevention or something it didn’t quite fit.

Now the final big hit in the face is of course the death of Ianto, I mean did they really have to come on talk about a punch in the gut to all us Janto fans. I was rather mad about this part of the story the fan girl in me has been angry ever since. This really is the biggest mistake in TV history I’m so angry with my fandom I have to shout to as many people as will listen. How could they kill Ianto, him and Jack being together was my favourite thing about the show and this has just broke my heart but worse than that I am full of hate and anger. I loved watching their relationship develop and having it be there for all to see. I am just so angry, does RTD understand what he’s done, and does he realize how much the fans are going to hate him. They have ruined Torchwood without Ianto and Jack/Ianto it’s just not the same show I fell in love with. For the first time ever we had a hero in a gay relationship saving the world a first and a landmark for slash fandom and they repay us fans by ruining our biggest love. I don’t want a season 4 not without Janto. I hate RTD and I feel they have betrayed slash fans as well as gay fans and killed a great fandom. I was so full of hope for having a gay couple not stuck in stereotypes, it was about love plain and simple and it meant a lot to us fans for once it wasn’t us reading what we wanted into the scenes we had real proof that a relationship was growing and then it was there for us all to see and it was amazing. But as soon as it was given it was taken away. I feel like slash fans have just moved back 10 paces and gay fans have been put back into the closet. I’m not sure another show will be brave enough to have this kind of relationship in it and it’s a great loss. I loved Ianto’s character and a show without him seems impossible. I don’t think I could watch a series 4 without him even if they did somehow manage to get Jack back. By the end of the series Jack was left so heart broken and desolate and that’s not what I wanted to see, I think as a fan from the beginning in went too far and was no longer the show I loved. I liked it better when it was 13 episodes and it was fun and free. I will surly miss this fandom and as a long term fan I just wish there had been some consideration to how we would have felt about what they ended up doing to characters we loved so much.


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