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Where’s my Queer Positive Hero?

I miss Torchwood!!

Torchwood S3

You know what I miss this show more and more for one major reason, a queer positive relationship in a show that didn’t ever go into the awkward coming out storyline, where being gay or bi didn’t define the characters or their actions it was just part of who they were. Being LGBT in Torchwood didn’t have any effect on the ability to fight aliens or save the world! Torchwood may have started with a small fan base but by the time it got to BBC one it was pretty mainstream, I mean I watched Children of Earth with my Dad! No one complained about the relationship between Jack and Ianto, there was no backlash at having two characters in an open and comfortable gay relationship in lead roles saving the day. No one ever had a problem with Captain Jack Harkness and his omnisexual presence, even in doctor who no one was upset with him flirting with everything.
Doctor Who is a family show and it happily showed Jack flirt with boys, girls, robots and aliens. He was open, out and proud and most of all loved by all. He was a true hero for queer positive media and his sexuality and behaviour never overshadowed the fact that he was a hero. He didn’t angst over his sexuality, who he dated or slept with had no effect on his ability to save the day and I miss him and everything he represented so much. TV lost a great queer icon and hero.


Where has queer positive TV gone? I’m a rabid slash fangirl so I do love my fandoms and bromance pairings like Mcdanno from H5.0 and the enormous slash potential of Destiel from Supernatural but they are beginning to feel more like teasing slash fans and us audience members that don’t identify as straight. As someone who identifies as Bi and enjoys non heteronormative story telling I am feeling a void. I slash a lot of shows, White Collar, Suits, Flash, Merlin, Sherlock, True Blood, Castle and Angel/Buffy but as much as I love them and reading my fanfiction I want something more!


I’m tired of being teased I want some real honest gay heroes and I’m starting to see the reality of queer baiting in TV shows. I loved Spartacus especially when they didn’t kill of the gay characters and a show that had gay gladiators every bit as capable as the rest of the cast was amazing.

I love Sense8, Brothers and Sisters and Six Feet Under but again these cater shows all have the “trial of gay character”. Where are my Captain Jack Harkness’s? I love that some shows are fleshing out gay characters more, making them confident in their sexuality. Shows like How to get away with Murder and the character of Conner are very positive but still I want a hero!

I won’t even get started on movies. Thank god for Star Wars and the stormpilot phenomenon as it has opened the eyes of creators to the fact that there is a huge cry for LGBT in movies and we want to see more diversification.


The evolution of the star wars fandom is amazing and I’m so glad to be part of it and whiteness Hollywood and its directors and actors see how popular queer fandom is and how in demand it is. SWFA went from the behemoth that is the stormpilot fandom taking over online, the lovefest for Poe Dameron to now Poe having his own spinoff comic and actual talk of changing the script to include LGBT in the mainstream movie canon verse. What started as a slash pairing, went to Oscar saying he was playing a romance, to reports that such a romance was just in Oscars head and they denied any Poe/Finn romance, to JJ Abrams saying it’s about time SW got LGBT characters, to it will definitely get LGBT characters to now discussions on Luke Skywalkers sexuality.


So media needs to stop with the queer baiting and just give us some positive LGBT characters, characters confident in their sexuality so other aspects of their personality and their place in the world they inhabit can be explored. So we can have depictions of non-heteronormative relationships like the ones you get in Sense8 (which really is a break through show). Arrow is setting up its first gay hero, Agents of Shield has a new gay member of the team, Jessica Jones has a great Lesbian character (even if she is a horrible person and villainous she is a solid character and being lesbian has nothing to do with the fact that she is power hungry and ambitious), Gotham too so come on movies catch up.


As for the rest of TV give us some fresh takes on LGBT characters where their sexuality isn’t their personality and what defines their actions, it’s just part of what makes them who they are.

For more TV shows with Slash potential and gay characters check out my fangirly list here:

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My Slash, Bromance and Gay Tv and Movie List

I am trying to compile a list of all the Tv shows and movies I slash as well as some good shows with canon gay couples that I enjoy. If like me you are trying to find new shows to watch that have that slash element then I hope this list helps you.

1. Hawaii 5.0 – Steve/Danno
TV New Season CBS Glance

2. Supernatural – Dean/Castiel

3. Angel - Angel/Spike

4. Torchwood – Jack/Ianto, Jack/John, Jack/Captain Harkness

5. Doctor Who – Doctor/Master, Doctor/Jack

6. Merlin – Arthur/Merlin

7. Oz – Keller/Beecher

8. Brothers and Sisters – Scotty/Kevin

9. Heroes – Nathan/Peter

10. Six Feet Under – Keith/David

11. Star Trek – Kirk/Spock

12. Nip/Tuck – Christian/Sean

13. Lord of the Rings – Aragorn/Legolas

14. White Collar – Peter/Neil

15. Suits – Harvey/Mike

16. The Eagle – Marcus/Esca

17. Spartacus: Blood and Sand – Barca/Pietros

18. Spartacus: Vengence – Agron/Nasir

19. Spartacus: Gods of the Arena – Barca/Auctus

20. Glee – Blaine/Kurt

21. Sherlock – Sherlock/Watson

22. Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock/Watson

23. Stargate SG1 – O’niel/Jackson

24. The Lair – Damian/Thom

25. Dantes Cove – Toby/Adam, kevin/Bro

26. Vampire Diaries – Damon/Alaric

27. Alexander – Alexander/Hephistian

28. Troy – Hector/Paris

29. Kingdon of Heaven – Bailin/Imad ad-Din

30. Pirates of the Carribean – Jack/Will

31. LA Confidential – Bud/Exley

32. Matrix – The Twins

33. Boston legal – Danny/Alan

34. Common Law – Travis/Wes

35. Night at the Museum – Jedediah/Octavious

36. I love you Phillip Morris – Steven/Phillip

37. Kiss kiss Bang Bang – Perry/Harry

38. Starsky and Hutch – Starsky/Hutch

39. Boondock Saints – Connor/Murphy McManus

40. Interview with the Vampire – Lestat/Louis

41. Harry Potter – Sirius/Lupin

42. Queer as Folk – Vince/Stuart

43. Partners – Wyatt/Louis

44. The New Normal – David/Brian
45. Gangster Number 1 – Freddy/Gangster

46. Donald Strachey Mysteries – Don/Tim

47. Yasha –Moichi/Sei, Sei/Rin, Takeru/Rin

48. Master and Commander - Aubery/Maturin

49. Grimm – Monroe/Nick

50. Castle – Esposito/Ryan

51. The Krays – Kray twins

52. True Blood – Eric/Bill

53. Community -Troy/Abed

54. Sense8 – Lito/Hernando

55. How to Get Away With Muder – Connor/Oliver

56. Flash Harry (earth 2)/Cisco

57. Flash – Captain Singh/Rob

58. Arrow Curtis/Paul

59. Star Wars Force Awakens Poe/Finn aka StormPilot

60. ShadowHunters Magnus/Alec

61 – The Flash Captain Cold/Flash

62. Legeds of Tomorrow Coldwave

63. Legends of Tomorrow ColdAtom

64. Legends of Tomorrow AtomWave (my fav LOT pairing)

65. Rogue One Baze/Chirrut

66. Due South Fraser/Kowalski
slash 65

66. The Men From U.N.C.L.E Solo/Kuryakin
slash 66

67. Jeeves and Wooster Jeeves/Wooster

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Misfits – Superheroes with ASBO’s?

Misfits is one of the best new shows to have come out of British telly in years an absolute masterpiece. What makes this show so brilliant is how perfectly current and approachable it is. It deals with the kind of characters we are so very used to seeing and knowing, people we meet all the time that are part of our modern culture. Our main characters are a group of teens, the kind we are used to seeing, our social misfits, the chav’s, the socially awkward, the ones hiding behind false bravado, the ones that use there sex appeal to get what they want and the ones that could have done well if not for one mistake and the temptations offered to youth who succeed. Our 5 main protagonists are doing community service in London, we recognise the type as well as the location its familiar and real making it part of a world we know and understand. We the viewer can be a part of the drama because it is accessible showing us what our youth culture is like, how dissatisfaction in society has breed this new youth full of contempt, lacking in respect and as a result getting ASBO’s and serving community service. But of course there is more to each character, true feelings, issues and insecurities we are all familiar with, issues we may have been through ourselves and that also helps to make us part of the drama as we can understand some of the feelings of these characters. There is at least one character you can relate to in some way, for me it was Simon, anti social, awkward and desperate for people to pay attention to him, to be noticed to make friends. I myself went through this period in my life being the shy geek that found it hard to stand out and be heard let alone make friends and be accepted.


Now here comes that magic of watching this well crafted show, we have our Misfits, our setting and our issues, our social commentary on today’s youth, now lets add super powers!! Yes Misfits is Britain’s answer to Heroes. But instead of making a highly expensive and glossy show with characters we can’t relate to struggling with issues beyond our comprehension and settings we will never know we make a gritty drama about teens with ASBO’s getting super powers. We bring the consequences of this to us instead of wrapping a story around conspiracies and the fight between good and evil, Misfits makes it simple. What would happen to a bunch of unfortunate teens that were in the wrong place at the wrong time (the story of their lives considering they’ve all got caught for breaking the law) and how gaining powers would affect them? These teens are not heroes, with great powers doesn’t come great responsibility instead it just helps to amplify their own problems. As each characters power awakens it helps to emphasise the problems they are having. It’s a great way to explore the insecurities of today’s dissatisfied youth and instead of the glamorous world of superheroes we get the very real world of how powers would affect real people. Their powers do more to hinder and isolate them, there is no great speech about what should they do, no one talks about using their powers to become vigilante super teens keeping the streets safe, after all their all doing time for their own crimes why should they be out there saving others when they couldn’t even save themselves.
Let take my favourite character to start, Simon, the creepy kid that tried to burn a house down. He has no friends, wishes nothing more to be noticed and is sick of being ignored so his power is invisibility. Now people literally can’t see him the more he is denied and ignored the more often he disappears from view. Then we have Kelly our loud mouth overly aggressive Chav, she got into a fight and has a rap for GBH. Why did she get into a fight, well she is so very opinionated always has something to say and is always worried what people are saying about her, if she thinks you’ve bad mouthed her she will turn her aggression on you so what could be worse for a girl so conscious of what others think well she can now hear peoples thoughts! Next is Alisha, attractive fun loving party girl Alisha she got caught drink driving, again. Well Alisha knows she’s attractive and men go gooey at the sight of her, she can use her sex appeal to get what she wants. But what happens if that sex appeal increases too much, well poor Alisha would give Rouge a run for worst ability. Every time she touches someone they are taken over with the mad desire to have sex with her normally so aggressive that they will try and rape her. So for a girl that uses sex appeal she can no longer touch anyone without them trying to rape her. We next come to Curtis, he had so much potential, was going to be an Olympic runner his future secured his life couldn’t be getting better; he had everything to gain and everything to lose. One mistake is all it took, one night out and being caught for possession of drugs, ruining his career and to set an example being charged community service. He wishes more than anything to change what he did to turn back time and re do that one night, well he get his wish, he is able to rewind time but unfortunately his control of his power isn’t that good and it happens at unpredictable intervals. Lastly we have Nathan, the boy with the mouth. He is facade wrapped in facades and false bravado, arrested for stealing pick ’n’ mix. What his true thoughts and feeling are we don’t know he is more lies and comebacks never sharing his true nature. He thinks about sex, plays practical jokes, insults everyone, takes nothing seriously and seems incapable of forming real connection even with his own family. So what’s his power well like us the viewer he doesn’t know, it’s not until the very end that we find out along with him but I’ll leave particular spoiler undisclosed.


There are many things that make this series perfection, not just its fabulous way of marrying real drama with essential sci-fi. The series has great score using music to highlight the scenes and represent the characters and their emotions. The editing is modern and brilliantly ingenious. The production team on this show knew exactly when to cut, when to pan, when to use slow motion and to tilt a camera. The lighting is perfect and the style used of a gritty piece of realism makes it all that much better. It is filmed like a British drama it has a truly British feel, from the colour schemes of greys to the lack of spectacle of the powers. I for one now can’t wait for a second series as this truly is an original series, with its brilliant dialogue and great plotting and a fantastic take on the super heroes’ genre!

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