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Where’s my Queer Positive Hero?

I miss Torchwood!!

Torchwood S3

You know what I miss this show more and more for one major reason, a queer positive relationship in a show that didn’t ever go into the awkward coming out storyline, where being gay or bi didn’t define the characters or their actions it was just part of who they were. Being LGBT in Torchwood didn’t have any effect on the ability to fight aliens or save the world! Torchwood may have started with a small fan base but by the time it got to BBC one it was pretty mainstream, I mean I watched Children of Earth with my Dad! No one complained about the relationship between Jack and Ianto, there was no backlash at having two characters in an open and comfortable gay relationship in lead roles saving the day. No one ever had a problem with Captain Jack Harkness and his omnisexual presence, even in doctor who no one was upset with him flirting with everything.
Doctor Who is a family show and it happily showed Jack flirt with boys, girls, robots and aliens. He was open, out and proud and most of all loved by all. He was a true hero for queer positive media and his sexuality and behaviour never overshadowed the fact that he was a hero. He didn’t angst over his sexuality, who he dated or slept with had no effect on his ability to save the day and I miss him and everything he represented so much. TV lost a great queer icon and hero.


Where has queer positive TV gone? I’m a rabid slash fangirl so I do love my fandoms and bromance pairings like Mcdanno from H5.0 and the enormous slash potential of Destiel from Supernatural but they are beginning to feel more like teasing slash fans and us audience members that don’t identify as straight. As someone who identifies as Bi and enjoys non heteronormative story telling I am feeling a void. I slash a lot of shows, White Collar, Suits, Flash, Merlin, Sherlock, True Blood, Castle and Angel/Buffy but as much as I love them and reading my fanfiction I want something more!


I’m tired of being teased I want some real honest gay heroes and I’m starting to see the reality of queer baiting in TV shows. I loved Spartacus especially when they didn’t kill of the gay characters and a show that had gay gladiators every bit as capable as the rest of the cast was amazing.

I love Sense8, Brothers and Sisters and Six Feet Under but again these cater shows all have the “trial of gay character”. Where are my Captain Jack Harkness’s? I love that some shows are fleshing out gay characters more, making them confident in their sexuality. Shows like How to get away with Murder and the character of Conner are very positive but still I want a hero!

I won’t even get started on movies. Thank god for Star Wars and the stormpilot phenomenon as it has opened the eyes of creators to the fact that there is a huge cry for LGBT in movies and we want to see more diversification.


The evolution of the star wars fandom is amazing and I’m so glad to be part of it and whiteness Hollywood and its directors and actors see how popular queer fandom is and how in demand it is. SWFA went from the behemoth that is the stormpilot fandom taking over online, the lovefest for Poe Dameron to now Poe having his own spinoff comic and actual talk of changing the script to include LGBT in the mainstream movie canon verse. What started as a slash pairing, went to Oscar saying he was playing a romance, to reports that such a romance was just in Oscars head and they denied any Poe/Finn romance, to JJ Abrams saying it’s about time SW got LGBT characters, to it will definitely get LGBT characters to now discussions on Luke Skywalkers sexuality.


So media needs to stop with the queer baiting and just give us some positive LGBT characters, characters confident in their sexuality so other aspects of their personality and their place in the world they inhabit can be explored. So we can have depictions of non-heteronormative relationships like the ones you get in Sense8 (which really is a break through show). Arrow is setting up its first gay hero, Agents of Shield has a new gay member of the team, Jessica Jones has a great Lesbian character (even if she is a horrible person and villainous she is a solid character and being lesbian has nothing to do with the fact that she is power hungry and ambitious), Gotham too so come on movies catch up.


As for the rest of TV give us some fresh takes on LGBT characters where their sexuality isn’t their personality and what defines their actions, it’s just part of what makes them who they are.

For more TV shows with Slash potential and gay characters check out my fangirly list here:

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Top 5 TV Drama’s

1 – Oz – This has to be the best Drama’s ever it has so much in it, so many interesting characters and harsh gritty story lines. If you don’t know anything about Oz its set in a maximum security prison that has a special experimental area known as the Emerald City. Here they keep some of the worst offenders in a hope to rehabilitate them; it’s kind of a social experiment. As you can tell it doesn’t really go that way and if you thought Prison Break had harsh prison scenes then you’ll be very shocked by Oz. It is very harsh, gritty, violent and brutal. This is a rather extreme series dealing with everything from rape, murder, madness and all manner of high level crimes. It has a full splice of characters of different races and backgrounds all fighting and trying to survive in this prison system. The show is driven not just by the crimes and drama but also by the social commentary of locking your worst offenders up together doesn’t work and a violent sociopathic environment juts breeds a violent sociopathic person. My fav character is Tobias Beecher, a man that doesn’t belong in Oz but was made an example of and given the worst sentence possible. He has the most interesting journey of the show and is a fantastic actor. Beecher goes through everything you can imagine and it’s his character that acts as our way into the show and the subject of the social experiment and how it goes wrong. Apart from all the crime and violence there’s also real relationships in this series, the most important being a gay love story that plays out through the series but as with everything in Oz this is one of the most messed up, beautiful and tragic love story I’ve seen on TV. I could rave about this series all day, it’s a masterpiece so real so uncontrolled and well written and a cast of truly amazing actors. Also as with all the best TV shows there’s a musical episode but you have to watch the show to see how well they managed to get musical numbers into a prison drama.
2 – Six Feet Under – Will always go down in TV history as having the best series finale of any show ever made, I cried for 4 hours after I watched it and was an emotional wreck. SFU is about a very dysfunctional family who run funeral home; this drama is about their lives, relationships and personal journeys. It is very much a black comedy as it is very funny in a slightly dark and twisted way. It has some of the unhealthiest relationships in it but also some beautiful love stories but at the heart it’s about this messed up family that never seems able to find peace or satisfaction in the things they do. My fav character is David played by Michael c Hall (Dexter), the closeted gay son that struggles to deal with finding acceptance. His character goes through one of the most interesting developments during series 4 a performance that one him an Emmy for that ep. Also nothing better than a harsh gritty drama that every now and then has a musical number in it, after all Michael C Hall has done Broadway. If you’ve seen Gamer (terrible but entertaining film) You’ll remember Michael C Hall as the villan that randomly does a musical number at Gerald Butler at the end of the film that could have been so random and out of place but somehow I loved it!!!
3 – Nip/Tuck – When a series comes out that has the tag “a disturbingly perfect drama” of course I’m gonna watch it especially when the creator said it was gay romance between two straight men. By now you may have realised I have a passion for harsh disturbing drama’s that featurer a homosexual element. Nip/Tuck is certainly a disturbing drama and if you haven’t been put off before this drama will keep you away from plastic surgery. The driving force is the two male’s leads and their relationship, they are like brothers as close as two men can get and brilliant in their field. But extreme situation plague them and their journey is difficult and intense. I haven’t seen characters go through so much on a series. There’s plot involving paedophilia, rape, serial killers, stalkers and fatal illness and that’s just the main leads not the other characters like spouses and kids. Also each ep has a cosmetic surgery at its heart as well as all the drama. This is not a series for the squeamish as you see way more than you want of the surgery and rather harsh situation that these characters find themselves in. Also as it is about plastic surgery you get a lot of perfect looking people in various stages of nakedness and there’s a lot of sex. My fav character being Christian Troy a very fine example of a man, on the surface anyway, he is truly messed up but you’ll have to watch to see just how much darkness surrounds this man and how understandable black inside he is.
4 – Queer as Folk UK – yep the great British drama written by Doctor Who Re-inventor Russell T Davies. This series was ground breaking when it came out for one of the truest and most uncompromising views of the gay life style. It caused a lot of controversy back in the day for its explicit gay sex scenes but it did manage to make them so very erotic. But simply it’s a gay drama about friends and lovers. Not as harsh and gritty as the other shows I watched but very real, funny and touching. It has some great writing; it’s very witty and funny as well as being romantic and entertaining.
5 – Brothers and Sisters – This is my guilty pleasure drama, the kind of shows people go “I would never expect you to watch this” well I do and I love it. The truth is I only started watching it because I heard that one of the brothers was gay and I love gay drama. But I got hooked on this dysfunctional family and their lives. This drama isn’t harsh or gritty you can watch it during the day with your mum around knowing she won’t get offended (I couldn’t do this with anything else I watch). But it’s still very good and has something more to it than the average family drama. The problems of this family aren’t just about relationships they have all kinds of things real family’s go through and in this families case their family business and what happens when one member of the family doesn’t want to choose the path they were meant to. What makes this series special is how it follows true events form America at the time of filming. One series had a character running for president at the same time as the elections and it also dealt with the Iraq story line and what it means to go and come back from war. My fav character is of course Kevin the gay brother and he later gets some very meaty storylines involving a big family secrete. The drama is very touching, it is also very funny and you can see a part of your life reflected at a least one point. It is also very sad I have cried on more than a few occasions but most of all it feels honest and engaging making it fun and enjoyable.

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