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Manga Spot – Bloody Mary

Manga Spotlight – Bloody Mary


I am such a fangirl so this manga had to be mine. Its about pretty boy vampires and thats all I really wanted.

The plot is very simple boy is the latest generation of a family line whose surname is Maria. He is a priest in training and for some reasons vampires can’t wait to drink his blood, unfortunaetly he doesn’t understand his powers and is getting by on tricks. One day red headed vampire boy turns up asking Maia to kill him. Our vampire is called Bloody Mary and his past is hazy all he knows is he can’t die and is bored of living so long. He doesn’t want to drink blood and knows only a Maria can kill him. Two enter a deal of protection, Mary will protect Maria from vampires and help him leanr how to use his powers and when Maria has his powers he will kill Mary.

So its hard not to be amused that our boys have the names Maria and Mary but their fun characters. Mary being cute nerotic angsty vampire boy with a secret past and Maria being a little more cold and calculated with a mystery past. There’s obviously more to the plot as revileved by the ending a deeper conspiracy.

But really I wanted to see cute boys paw at each other and hug so I got what I wanted out of it. I love vampire yaoi/shonen ai and I think it will be a very subtle shonen ai. The art is pretty and the character designs are attractive. It has potential to be more complex and intriguing so I think for a first volume it sets things out nicely, establishes the characters and the world.

I will be continuing with this series I hope for good things!!

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