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Amazing New Manga I’ve Picked Up


BioMega: Read volume one of the amazing Biomega a cyberpunk action/thriller set in a post apocalyptic dystopia. This manga has a beautiful art style and feels very much like manga drawn in the 80’s. The wealth of detail in the backgrounds is such a welcomed contrast to some of the more clean looking modern manga. This is truly a magnificent piece of art the images are full of texture and detail with the most breathtakingly drawn backgrounds. The story is set around an apocalyptic earth and a plague creating a zombie like horde, our lead male is on a mission to seek out any remaining human life signs amongst a population of mutants, techno-organic life forms and artificial humans. This is a wonderful work and just such a brilliant style and exciting read!


Assassination Classroom: Read the brilliant first volume of Assassination Classroom. This is a bit of a genre hybrid and its no wonder it’s so popular in Japan with an anime on the go and a live action in the works. AC is funny and heart warming but also clever and different. The assassination attempts excite and amuse, Koro it both a monster and the greatest teacher these children could have. All the while showing a commentary on the current Japanese school system and the pressure on students, this manga acts as a perfect escape for them while giving a little insight into Japans difficult school life. Brilliant manga just brilliant it made me laugh, smile, gasp and think!!!


Ajin: Demi-Human: Just read Ajin Demi-human with was a very good read. A quite harsh modern horror in the vain of Deadman Wonderland and Tokyo Ghoul. I say this as its has the core plot of the manifestation of a dark and horrific power in a world that hunts, controls and experiments on people who manifest this power. In Ajin its the immortal Demi-Humans that cant be no matter how horrific a death is inflicted on them and the strange “otherself” they can summon. the summons are interesting, terrifying and unique. The first volume is fast paced hitting the ground running while setting up a web of interesting characters and the players in a bigger mystery/conspiracy. While violent and creepy at times it is a great read and an interesting premise that I look forward to continuing to read.

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