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After Dark Ukecast #1

After Dark Ukecast #1

After Dark Ukecast #1

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Anime Spotlight – Ranpo Kitan Game of Laplace


This anime was a wild little find and one of those series that no one talks about but is definitely more original and interesting than most other series out there. The anime is inspired by the works of author Edogawa Ranpo and commemorates the 50th anniversary of his death in 1965.
It’s a murder mystery detective show with a lot of social commentary about the state of modern Japan mixed with horror elements. The show has great cases such as a serial killer making furniture out of women and does not shy away from some disturbing images, it is the very definition of aesthetic violence. They use a lot of very artistic but dark imagery which I really love. What’s awesome is that under the cases there is a feeling of dissatisfaction in Japanese society being reported on the TV, they story brings in ideas about the failing justice system and they rise of those who are not supported by modern Japanese values. If you liked Psycho Pass and want to see an anime tackle similar issues but in a different genre this anime does it very well.

The cast is a diverse mix of characters that all have some interesting personal quirks with the exception of Hashiba the voice of reason. Our main character is Kobayashi a boy bored by his life and a weird sense of what is attractive and interesting until he meets detective Akeshi a 17 year old detective. Kobayashi is suspected in a murder case but after working with Akeshi to solve the mystery he decides to become the detective’s assistant as it’s the first time he’s really had fun. Kobayashi’s best friend Hashiba tags along to be the voice of reason and keep him grounded (plus it’s rather obvious that he’s in love with Kobayashi). There are some very colourful characters but there are better off kept a surprise.
The show has a great art style using metaphor and staging to display various points and bring a great surrealism to it. I see flashes of Ikuhara (Utena, Mawaru PenguinDrum) but darker in this series and very much Danganronpa. The show looks great, has real emotion, dark and imaginative cases, quirky characters, unique set pieces, grittiness and great social commentary so was a real win for me.
Plus a bonus for a fugoshi some real slash/BL potential.

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UkeCast #0 – MW Bookclub Review

This Month’s Discussion: MW by Osamu Tezuka
Next Month: After School Nightmare by Setona Mizushiro

UkeCast pilot for a new yaoi manga and inspired works podcast brought to you by SexynGeeky and Let Zoe Spoil You

For a list of yaoi/shonen ai and slashable anime series check out my list here:

@lonedreameryaoi and @MXharrybentley

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Manga Spot – Merman in My Tub

Manga spot – Merman in my Tub


Another one that falls firmly in the fangirl catergory for why I bought it. Merman in my Tub is stupid, its pointless and silly and wonderful. Its another slightly shonen ai comedy series with hot bishonen hanging out ther difference is their mostly half sea creatures.

One day our caring bishonen finds a naked man starved and dehydrated so brings him home to heal him. Turns out he has brought home a Merman, a very hot merman who is cute and immature and sulky and excitable. There’s really no more story than that. The odd couple face chalenges of how to pay for the hot water, what to eat for dinner, which soap to use in the bath and very much the daily trials of living with a hyper but well meaning bishonen merman.

As the story goes on we are introuduced to other friends like the half octopus man (and boy is he an attractive fish person). a jellyfish boy and a snail man as they all have bathroom parties and try to keep ur protagonist happy.

Its silly fun just cute stories about cute boys. If you want to have a giggle and admire some attractive fish boys this is the manga for you. I really enjoy it particullarly as I’m a bit of an under the dea fan so it provides two things I love, sea creatures and hot bishonen.

The art is good and the character desgins are great. It really is the charming, fun loving nature of the characters that wins you over and I for one will def be continuing this series!!

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Anime screening Day – Ben-To

On the 21st of December the entire series of Anime Ben-To will be screening in Bath Spa

One day anime screening of the entire series of Ben-to.
Doors open at 10am but the screening will start at 11am.
It will be £10 on the door which will include food and drink.

Every day an epic struggle rages in grocery stores across Japan – the battle for half-priced bento boxes! Once the discount stickers go on, ravenous brawlers start throwing punches in a knockdown, drag-out war over who gets to take home the cheap eats. When a young, broke high school student named Sato joins the Half-Priced Food Lovers Club, he proves to be a rising talent in the world of insane food fights. But does he have what it takes to become the king of clearance cuisine? Welcome to the world of Ben-To, where chopsticks are lethal weapons, the supermarket is a battleground, and there’s nothing more delicious than a deep-fried win.



More details at the Bath Manga Society FaceBook page

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LZSY and 2yrs After Gok

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LZSY Returns

LZSY Returns

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Diabolik Lovers – even hot bishonen couldn’t save this one!!!!


Diabolik lovers, proof that you can put 6 extremely hot vampire bishies into an anime and it still can be boring. I keep watching these damn Otome based animes and I keep just not getting on with them. These guys are always so hot but the main girl that you would play as in the game is always so dull.
This girl, Yui, is the sweet innocent, dull, vapid boring protagonist that just keeps walking into stupid situations. She pretty much is made these vamps play thing and I can’t see why any would fall for her. If you were forced to live in a mansion because your father is posted overseas and it supposedly belongs to family then found out the 6 vampire brothers live there, what would your do? Well you’re a young attractive girl maybe you would flirt with the brothers see which one you would pair off with. Sounds well and good but they are vampires and see you as food; they bite you and take your blood whenever they feel like. They hit you, push you about, mock and humiliate you, stating how your only food and shouldn’t act above your station as a lowly human blood bank. They threaten you with rape and to feed off you and no matter your struggles and protests no one comes to help you and you are devoured on a regular basis. Sounds romantic!!!! I mean hot vampire guys are great and who doesn’t like a bad boy but come on there is no way you want to romance cold hearted killers that use you for food, sport and pleasure.


Well Yui being the dim but innocent girl still seems to approach them. I know most of the games are based on the idea that you’re youthful and innocent feelings can bring forth love and by being so refreshingly pure that you can melt even the coldest hearts. But god this girl is not innocent and pure she is naïve and dumb. You’re treated like food so when you find a sleeping vampire you A) leave him alone or B) wake him up so he gets made molests and feeds off you tossing you to the floor when done. How about you hear a male voice singing and you A) go explore to find the singing vampire, who then teases you, abuses you, feeds off you and leaves you lying in the dirt or B) you ignore it and hurry to your room to stay under the radar. It goes on like this, instead of lying low and trying to avoid being played with Yui just goes up and makes causal conversation with Vampires and then gets upset when they attack her. God I wanted her to just hurry up and get eaten and the vampires kill her. Why can’t these Otome based animes have spunkier heroines is that too much to ask? I’m not asking for a full on Ryoko Matoi from Kill la Kill, she doesn’t need to be a completely strong fighter type that can beat down everyone around her but just a little more Miyaka from Fushigi Yuugi or even Kyoko from Skip Beat an amazingly entertaining and spunky female character.
Read my review of Skip Beat here:

This anime suffers from having a completely none relatable female lead and maybe it still is a victim of the Japanese society and its education of women. It’s no secret that Japanese media is a male dominated industry and still makes decisions based on Japans ideals on a women’s place and the commercialisation of products for women in contemporary Japan. Since the very first girls comics in Japan in the Meji era that taught Japanese girls to act like proper young women this trend has continued in some aspects of the media. So the idea that ideal Japanese girls are pure and innocent still permeates through the media but it’s a shame that something as exciting as a Vampire anime can be so vapid. Even the plot can’t make up for it as it gives no real answers to the past of the vampire boys, their parents and why the resurrection of one mother is so bad.


After sitting through 6 eps of vampire jail bait and a recap on Yui’s feeling we finally see some story development. So it turns out that the 6 boys have one father and 3 different mothers. No real idea who the father really was and how he managed to simultaneously marry 3 vampires and father 6 sons while also being some kind of government official. It is never made clear if this politician is also a vampire. But one boy Subaru’s mother appears to be locked in a tower, don’t know why or why she asked him to stab her to death. The next two brothers mother is training one Shuu, to be the head of the house who clearly rather be off playing while ignoring the other son Reiji who enjoys studying and would make a better head. Then there are the triplets of one mother, these triplets Ayato, Leito and Kanata for some reason conspire to kill their mother who may be having an affair with her husband’s brother. Why they kill her I have no idea there was no reason, she may have been bad but not kill worthy bad I mean these boys are no princes. Two look like brothers one like the mother but he is clearly psychologically damaged in the fact he always looks half crazed and talks to a stuffed animal but again no background on his behaviour. But alas mother dies her lover steals her heart and in the end uses Yui to resurrect her. Well Yui is certainly more interesting for an episode but the Vampire boys reject the return of their mother band together to save Yui, kill their uncle and then each tell us how they hope you’re ready for a lifetime of pain and pleasure as their food and sexual object.

It’s all so stupid, plot makes no sense these boys have angst but never enough to redeem them or endure them to us. They are fantastically attractive and they look good all vampired up and covered in blood so visually it’s an erotic display but that its. This anime is all visual but nothing else and even my wildest vampire fantasy has me placed higher on the food chain then object, there is nothing erotic being told get ready for dinner hope you don’t mind living for me so I can eat you worthless but delicious girl. I mean this anime is even more disappointing then Shinsengumi vampire anime Hakuoki, I thought that was poor and after I realised it was an Otome game it made sense that the main girl in all her honest and pure innocence became the focus of the Shinsengumi’s interest but it least it had the decency of having a mutual love story and a plot but I digress.
Unless you hard core love Otome games or happy just to look at pretty boys regardless of plot then do watch it but I’d rather watch a silly but fun sports anime or just yaoi at least then I have nothing but buckets of pretty boys and no vapid good natured innocent flower slowing down my plot.

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My Top Traps

So these are just my fav’s and their are certainly a lot more out there and I may add more as I discover them. I do love a cross-dressing pretty boy!!!!

1. Rui Ninomiya - Gatchman Crowds, I like a pretty boy with a bucket of angst trying to do the right thing. Also one that has a bisexual alien villan molesting him. Plus Rui is smart real smart I love an intelligent boy, glasses are very attractive.

2.Yuuki Kei - Moyashimon. A Goth Loli pretty boy whose is smart and hard working and not afraid to play with gender stereotypes. Yuuki is just a smart and sexy young man.

3.Nuriko – Fushigi Yuugi. One of my first ever traps the lovely but short tempered and tough as they come Nuriko. A pretty boy that shared my love of Bishonen Emperor Hotohori. He is loyal and strong and the first trap in my anime discovery many years ago.

4.Mariya Shidou – Maria Holic. I love this boy why because he is a vindictive, manipulative little sadist who is so fun to watch. He may be a cruel tease and a bully but he does it with style and elegance. Sometimes its more fun to see a bit more of a bad boy trap then a blushing little thing.

5.Yuuta Sasaki – Cuticle Detective Inaba. Again don’t let a blushing innocent pretty face fool you. I love Yuuta cause he is crazy proper Yandare bunny boiler type. He has many fooled with his sweet charm and feminine ways but alas he is another fun off his head little sadist who isn’t afraid to knock of the completion to his Inaba’s attention.
5cuticle yuuta

6.Honjo Kamatari – Rurouni Kenshin. Poor boy fell in love with the wrong man and is now a villain but one hot deadly bad boy. Feminine and charming, tomboying and pretty he is also not someone you want to get into a fight with unless your one tough fighter. Who doesn’t love a bit of deadly power hidden behind such a pretty face.

7.Tieria Erde – Gundam 00. Gundam has always had that gay vibe I for one love to slash and yaoi it up and the pilots are getting more bishie. But Tieria is the best, all full of angst and I adore an angsting pretty boy who also pilots a Gundam. Plus this is one hot cross-dressing pilot he is very sexy in his red dress, even better when he has to pilot in his torn clothes looking all dishevelled and delectable.

8.Anna Gram – Phi Brain. I love this delicate pretty boy he is a little fluffy and away with the fairies but still I have a soft spot for him. Maybe its because I’m also an artist and relax when I paint or the fact that this pretty boy is also very smart and cheerful.

9. Mariandale – Ixion Saga. I love him because of his spirit and vitality. He is fun to watch and also tough. Mariandale has a fun personality playing on his gender role and proud of who he is and the choice he has made to identify himself as a woman. As Ixion is a comedy anime he is used a lot for humour and I like the way he flirts or his voice suddenly drops when he means business.

10.Chihiro Fujisaki – Dangan Ronpa. Another sweet little thing who’s innocence and gentle nature is endearing. I like him because he didn’t quit because he tried to better himself and live how he wanted plus he is cute. Also another smarty a computer wiz who is essential to the lives of his friends and is a loyal person.
10Chihiro Fujisaki dangan

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LZSY Mega Update!!!!

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