Hiya and welcome to L.Z.S.Y presented by me Zoe. This is just my wonderful little review site with big plans. This is a space for me to review and discuss the Medias that I love. Here you will find my thoughts and opinions of the movies, Animes, J-Doramas and TV shows I have been watching. It may be a bit J-culture heavy but since I’ve been studying South East Asian cinema for 6 years I have a bit of a bias towards Japanese media. I have a Ma in Contemporary Film developments and i spent some time travelling South East asia before living in South Korea for a year. I tend to be a bit of a binge watcher so I’ll wait till I have the entire series and then watch it in one go. As you guessed there may be a few spoilers about but I’m here to spoil you, let you know about lots of wonderful TV and movies new and old so you will be spoilt for choice on what to watch. Hopefully I’ll entertain as well as educate so please Let Zoe Spoil You!

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