Manga Spot – Merman in My Tub

Manga spot – Merman in my Tub


Another one that falls firmly in the fangirl catergory for why I bought it. Merman in my Tub is stupid, its pointless and silly and wonderful. Its another slightly shonen ai comedy series with hot bishonen hanging out ther difference is their mostly half sea creatures.

One day our caring bishonen finds a naked man starved and dehydrated so brings him home to heal him. Turns out he has brought home a Merman, a very hot merman who is cute and immature and sulky and excitable. There’s really no more story than that. The odd couple face chalenges of how to pay for the hot water, what to eat for dinner, which soap to use in the bath and very much the daily trials of living with a hyper but well meaning bishonen merman.

As the story goes on we are introuduced to other friends like the half octopus man (and boy is he an attractive fish person). a jellyfish boy and a snail man as they all have bathroom parties and try to keep ur protagonist happy.

Its silly fun just cute stories about cute boys. If you want to have a giggle and admire some attractive fish boys this is the manga for you. I really enjoy it particullarly as I’m a bit of an under the dea fan so it provides two things I love, sea creatures and hot bishonen.

The art is good and the character desgins are great. It really is the charming, fun loving nature of the characters that wins you over and I for one will def be continuing this series!!

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