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Manga spot – Behind the Scenes!!

Manga Spot – Behind the Scenes

So I picked up the first volumes of this as it told me it was the new series from the creator of Ourun Host Club a series I enjyed muchly. I am glad I did as this is a rather fun slice of life series.

Set in University our protagonist is a nuerotic boy with and epic guilt complex (score a point for being someone I can totally relate to) who wants to blend in the background and wallow in self pity. But alas through a random encounter he ends up involved with the Behind the Scenes club. This club work tirelessly to support the Uni’s 3 films clubs by being not only the make up and proops providors but also sets, costumes and lighting. They do everything in their power to get the job down supporting the directors and actors from “behind the scenes”.

This first volumes sets up the back story and setting very nicely and introduces our characters. The characters are all likable with distinct personakity traits and quirks. I wouldn’t be lying if I wasn’t already seeing slash pairing potential between our two main male leads but I also see set up for romance with some of the other female characters.

I really enjoyed reading this it was upbeat and funny. Also as a film student I enjoyed all the references to film and what goes on past the director and actors. This series has potential to be a lot of fun. I liked the character designs and the art is nice too.

All round it has my interest so I look forward to how it will continue and lerning more about the characters and their relationships to each other.

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Manga Spot – Merman in My Tub

Manga spot – Merman in my Tub


Another one that falls firmly in the fangirl catergory for why I bought it. Merman in my Tub is stupid, its pointless and silly and wonderful. Its another slightly shonen ai comedy series with hot bishonen hanging out ther difference is their mostly half sea creatures.

One day our caring bishonen finds a naked man starved and dehydrated so brings him home to heal him. Turns out he has brought home a Merman, a very hot merman who is cute and immature and sulky and excitable. There’s really no more story than that. The odd couple face chalenges of how to pay for the hot water, what to eat for dinner, which soap to use in the bath and very much the daily trials of living with a hyper but well meaning bishonen merman.

As the story goes on we are introuduced to other friends like the half octopus man (and boy is he an attractive fish person). a jellyfish boy and a snail man as they all have bathroom parties and try to keep ur protagonist happy.

Its silly fun just cute stories about cute boys. If you want to have a giggle and admire some attractive fish boys this is the manga for you. I really enjoy it particullarly as I’m a bit of an under the dea fan so it provides two things I love, sea creatures and hot bishonen.

The art is good and the character desgins are great. It really is the charming, fun loving nature of the characters that wins you over and I for one will def be continuing this series!!

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Manga Spot – Bloody Mary

Manga Spotlight – Bloody Mary


I am such a fangirl so this manga had to be mine. Its about pretty boy vampires and thats all I really wanted.

The plot is very simple boy is the latest generation of a family line whose surname is Maria. He is a priest in training and for some reasons vampires can’t wait to drink his blood, unfortunaetly he doesn’t understand his powers and is getting by on tricks. One day red headed vampire boy turns up asking Maia to kill him. Our vampire is called Bloody Mary and his past is hazy all he knows is he can’t die and is bored of living so long. He doesn’t want to drink blood and knows only a Maria can kill him. Two enter a deal of protection, Mary will protect Maria from vampires and help him leanr how to use his powers and when Maria has his powers he will kill Mary.

So its hard not to be amused that our boys have the names Maria and Mary but their fun characters. Mary being cute nerotic angsty vampire boy with a secret past and Maria being a little more cold and calculated with a mystery past. There’s obviously more to the plot as revileved by the ending a deeper conspiracy.

But really I wanted to see cute boys paw at each other and hug so I got what I wanted out of it. I love vampire yaoi/shonen ai and I think it will be a very subtle shonen ai. The art is pretty and the character designs are attractive. It has potential to be more complex and intriguing so I think for a first volume it sets things out nicely, establishes the characters and the world.

I will be continuing with this series I hope for good things!!

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