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My Top Traps

So these are just my fav’s and their are certainly a lot more out there and I may add more as I discover them. I do love a cross-dressing pretty boy!!!!

1. Rui Ninomiya - Gatchman Crowds, I like a pretty boy with a bucket of angst trying to do the right thing. Also one that has a bisexual alien villan molesting him. Plus Rui is smart real smart I love an intelligent boy, glasses are very attractive.

2.Yuuki Kei - Moyashimon. A Goth Loli pretty boy whose is smart and hard working and not afraid to play with gender stereotypes. Yuuki is just a smart and sexy young man.

3.Nuriko – Fushigi Yuugi. One of my first ever traps the lovely but short tempered and tough as they come Nuriko. A pretty boy that shared my love of Bishonen Emperor Hotohori. He is loyal and strong and the first trap in my anime discovery many years ago.

4.Mariya Shidou – Maria Holic. I love this boy why because he is a vindictive, manipulative little sadist who is so fun to watch. He may be a cruel tease and a bully but he does it with style and elegance. Sometimes its more fun to see a bit more of a bad boy trap then a blushing little thing.

5.Yuuta Sasaki – Cuticle Detective Inaba. Again don’t let a blushing innocent pretty face fool you. I love Yuuta cause he is crazy proper Yandare bunny boiler type. He has many fooled with his sweet charm and feminine ways but alas he is another fun off his head little sadist who isn’t afraid to knock of the completion to his Inaba’s attention.
5cuticle yuuta

6.Honjo Kamatari – Rurouni Kenshin. Poor boy fell in love with the wrong man and is now a villain but one hot deadly bad boy. Feminine and charming, tomboying and pretty he is also not someone you want to get into a fight with unless your one tough fighter. Who doesn’t love a bit of deadly power hidden behind such a pretty face.

7.Tieria Erde – Gundam 00. Gundam has always had that gay vibe I for one love to slash and yaoi it up and the pilots are getting more bishie. But Tieria is the best, all full of angst and I adore an angsting pretty boy who also pilots a Gundam. Plus this is one hot cross-dressing pilot he is very sexy in his red dress, even better when he has to pilot in his torn clothes looking all dishevelled and delectable.

8.Anna Gram – Phi Brain. I love this delicate pretty boy he is a little fluffy and away with the fairies but still I have a soft spot for him. Maybe its because I’m also an artist and relax when I paint or the fact that this pretty boy is also very smart and cheerful.

9. Mariandale – Ixion Saga. I love him because of his spirit and vitality. He is fun to watch and also tough. Mariandale has a fun personality playing on his gender role and proud of who he is and the choice he has made to identify himself as a woman. As Ixion is a comedy anime he is used a lot for humour and I like the way he flirts or his voice suddenly drops when he means business.

10.Chihiro Fujisaki – Dangan Ronpa. Another sweet little thing who’s innocence and gentle nature is endearing. I like him because he didn’t quit because he tried to better himself and live how he wanted plus he is cute. Also another smarty a computer wiz who is essential to the lives of his friends and is a loyal person.
10Chihiro Fujisaki dangan

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